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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new partnership with World Lacrosse. This is an exciting time for us as not only will we be supporting more athletes and coaches to build positive mental health habits but we also have an opportunity to reach individuals and NGBs on a global level. We are looking forward to working closely with World Lacrosse to provide their audience with access to highly practical and applied infographics and online learning courses.

“BelievePerform offers a vast pool of sports psychology resources that our team can call upon to help increase awareness and support for the wellbeing of our athletes, coaches and officials,”

World Lacrosse Technical Director Don Blacklock

“Mental health is a critical topic that needs to be addressed. Our partnership with BelievePerform provides practical skills and resources for our World Lacrosse athletes during a time when anxiety is prevalent. It is vital to the health of our athletes,”

Dr. Karen Sutton, World Lacrosse Chief Medical Officer

“We are proud to have partnered with World Lacrosse to provide online educational mental health and wellbeing support to their sport community. Partnering with world lacrosse will provide us with a great opportunity to reach more athletes and coaches across the globe to not only build positive mental health habits but to also reduce the stigma attached to mental health in sport. This is a proud moment for us, and we are looking forward to building a strong partnership to keep supporting and helping people to improve their mental wellbeing.”

Managing Director BelievePerform Adam Morris

About World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse is the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse, responsible for providing effective leadership and governance of the sport internationally while supporting the continued growth of lacrosse worldwide. In November 2018, World Lacrosse was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The President of World Lacrosse is Sue Redfern of England.

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