Ways to get back into the ‘getting ready’ vibe

How long has it been since you got to indulge in your favorite getting ready routine before a fun night out? For over a year now, many simple pleasures have been put on hold — like going out to places you love, celebrating special occasions and even just hanging out with your friends. You may have discovered that what you missed most of all was actually the best part: getting ready to go out.

With opportunities to socialize beginning to open up again, are you ready to make the most of your favorite “pre-game” rituals?

If you need help to reignite the fun in “getting ready,” you’re in luck. Summer House TV personality and creative director of Loverboy, Amanda Batula, partnered with Skintimate to create four unique sensorial experiences to help you get your “getting ready” vibe back. Each experience features a custom cocktail (or mocktail!) recipe and Skintimate curated Spotify playlist that perfectly accompanies a deliciously scented Skintimate shave gel and razor, all to help you enjoy the simple pleasure of getting ready.

You can check out the experiences in her entertaining videos highlighting her getting ready routines on her Instagram, @amandabatula.

So take some extra time before your next outing — crank up the music and treat yourself with these fun tips and sneak previews of Skintimate’s playlists and cocktails.

Prep for a day — or night — on the water

Enjoy the refreshing, tropical scent of Coconut Delight Shave Gel and Razor, which will transport you to an oasis as its rich moisturizers give you a smooth shave. While you’re doing your favorite beauty routine and choosing just the right swimsuit and cover-up, listen to some island tunes and sip on a “Sunkissed Coconut” drink made from tequila, coconut water and pineapple.

Pamper yourself before the big date

Before your night on the town, use your Bloom Razor and Shave Gel, which takes flower power to the next level with hints of rosewater and cherry blossoms. Enjoy the blend of sparkling rose, rose water and cognac in a “Blossoms Up” cocktail and listen to dreamy songs while you put together the perfect outfit to wow your special someone.

Explore your mood before you party

As you get ready for your first soirée out, the luscious scent of Raspberry Rain Razor and Shave Gel will awaken your senses to help you pump up the jams while you vibe, dance and sing like nobody’s watching. To get yourself in that party mood, enjoy a “Bold ‘n’ Berry” cocktail featuring ginger-flavored kombucha, raspberries and gin.

Enhance that special event

Spark your excitement for your long-awaited occasion, whatever it is, while you get ready using Spark Shave Gel and Razor. Its bright citrus notes provide a transcendent shaving experience. Physically you’ll be in the bathroom, but mentally you’ll be gearing up for an upbeat music festival. Pump up the jams as you dress up and mix up tonight’s signature cocktail:

Lemon [Beat] Drop

  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 1 ounce lemon juice
  • 1 ounce orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon agave nectar
  • 1 cup unflavored soda water
  • Lemon slices

All the Skintimate products featured in Amanda’s videos can help you transform your shower experience into an aromatic oasis — and adds glowing benefits to your skin — that will make you feel ready for a great night of celebration. Use her videos as inspiration for creating your own “getting ready” routine, so you can slow down and enjoy every minute of getting ready.

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