Top Shot of Prevention Posts from 2020

If you’ve missed a post or three on Vaccinate Your Family’s Shot of Prevention blog this year, we don’t blame you. The COVID-19 pandemic turned many of our lives upside down. It’s been a year of tough choices, true hardships, and unspeakable loss.

It’s also been a year of incredible innovation — with research teams across the globe coming together to get a COVID-19 vaccine developed, tested, and out to people in under a year. And with two new COVID-19 vaccines beginning to roll out this month across the U.S., there’s hope that the end of the pandemic is in sight.

Until then… Here’s a look back on the most-read Shot of Prevention blog posts of 2020.


A Pastor’s Perspective: The Moral Case for Getting a Flu Vaccine

In her guest post back in October, Rev. Kathryn Saunders-Allen wrote that getting a flu vaccine isn’t just about keeping yourself healthy; it’s also the morally right thing to do.

The Vaccine Mom Explains: Is the Aluminum Used in Some Vaccines Safe?

In this video, Taryn (AKA “The Vaccine Mom”) breaks down why aluminum salts are used in tiny amounts in some vaccines, how the body reacts to it, and what research really shows about its safety.

The Facts about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

You might have heard claims by anti-vaccine activists online about the “vaccine court” and whether vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability (they’re not). We tackled some of the biggest myths regarding the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) in our post back in March.

Do Kids Need Vaccines If They’re Doing Virtual Learning or Homeschool This Fall?

Families everywhere had to make some tough choices this fall about what to do with their school-aged children. We wrote about why kids learning at home still needed to get their routine vaccines, including the flu vaccine.

12 Years Ago I Stopped Vaccinating My Children. Then I Changed My Mind.

Originally posted on (and reposted, with permission, on Shot of Prevention), one mom shared her story of why she fell for anti-vaccine rhetoric — and how the COVID-19 pandemic changed her mind.

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