The perfect shot: The story of a boy and his photography

In a year like 2020, dreams can still come true, even for those with a critical illness. Just ask Colton, a young boy from South Carolina. After he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Colton found he loved taking pictures with his smartphone. He’s been at the beach every day, taking photos of the calming waves at sunrise and sunset.

Colton’s passion for photography has become a vital distraction for him as he undergoes treatment.

His mom, Sharon, said when she would take Colton for his monthly scans, the two would pick locations where they could stop afterward and take some good photos. One spot Colton really liked in particular was the public garden.

“The opportunity to think about taking photographs helps him feel less anxious about his appointments,” his mom said. “[It] provides him better focus and relief after we’ve left the doctor’s office.”

A perfect shot at his dream career

Colton’s distraction eventually turned into a passion. He said it’s his dream to become a photographer. He even discussed his ambitions in a “life plan” project he did for school. However, Colton knew that if he wanted that perfect shot, he would need quality equipment.

Colton’s wish didn’t go unheard. Make-A-Wish®, along with partner Hadwin-White Subaru, worked to make Colton’s desires of being a professional photographer a reality as part of the Subaru of America Share The Love™ event. With support from community donors, enough money was raised to get Colton his own professional photography gear. After receiving it, he embarked on an adventure to take photos along the South Carolina coast. But, of course, to be a professional photographer he needed a professional photoshoot. Gathered together with volunteers, family and representatives from Hadwin-White Subaru and Make-A-Wish South Carolina, Colton captured photos of a 2021 Subaru Forester among the moss-draped oaks at famous Brookgreen Gardens.

“Because of his wish, Colton has something to look forward to,” his mom said. “He can be creative and truly set his goals for the future.”

With his wish granted, Colton can remain resilient as he powers through treatment. His story provides hope and insight to others walking in his shoes.

An inspiration to us all

A wish is empowering and life-affirming. For many, it’s the start of feeling normal again; for others, it serves as a launching point into new treatments; for some, it’s the beginning of hope.

Colton’s story provides a beacon of hope for others like him. Anyone enduring a critical illness knows the fear and anxiety children and their families can feel when they go through treatment. But when they can develop a passion and create a distraction to push through them, it makes every day a little easier.

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