The Mommy Shower trend is the perfect way to shower moms-to-be with love

Whether it’s a first child or she’s been pregnant before, expecting a baby is an exciting journey. As the due date nears, that anticipation grows and friends and family enjoy sharing in the anticipation. Baby showers are the most common tradition for celebrating motherhood, but unfortunately, the pandemic has put gatherings like these on hold. Now, you may be looking for new ways to celebrate baby and honor the mom-to-be so she feels loved.

“Pregnancy has been really challenging right now. Between the stresses of trying to stay healthy and social isolation, moms deserve a little extra love and care,” said Lauren Burnham Luyendyk, mom to a 3-year-old and currently pregnant with twins.

Sentiments like these have inspired the newest trend in celebrating moms-to-be: the Mommy Shower. You may not be able to have a baby shower or throw one for a loved one, but you can transform the shower experience into a special retreat that celebrates Mom and makes her feel special and supported.

How to create a Mommy Shower

“I co-created three specific Mommy Shower experiences inspired by three things moms look forward to during their pregnancy: fulfilling those crazy cravings, having a special escape with their significant other and enjoying a night out with friends,” said Burnham Luyendyk.

Each Mommy Shower experience can be found on Schick Intuition’s Instagram Guides, and feature a variety of luxurious and indulgent products for a pampering shower moment, including a Schick Intuition Razor which helps lather and shave in one step, removing the need for shaving cream or gel — ideal for moms with a baby bump.

Here’s how to bring these shower experiences to life:

The Babymoon Bath: While not the full vacation she’s missing out on, The Babymoon Bath will give her a taste of a tropical escape before the little one arrives. From the feeling of a bamboo bath mat and the delicious-smelling Schick Intuition Island Berry Razor to a tropical smoothie and an exfoliating sand scrub, she can enjoy a babymoon from the comfort of her own tub.
The Shower Soiree: Turn that last pre-baby night out into the perfect night in by giving her a reason to dim the lights and turn up the party. From a belly bumpin’ shower speaker to the soothing Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor to a nutritious yet delicious mocktail, The Shower Soiree will empower mom to let loose and feel the good vibes before baby arrives.
The Craving Cure: This mouth-watering bath experience will satisfy all of her pregnancy cravings, including a smooth, hassle-free shave with Schick Intuition’s Sensitive Care Razor. Include a cocktail-scented candle, a chocolate face mask and an ice cream bath bomb, and this experience will help mom get ready to indulge in much deserved self-care.

The pregnancy journey can be a tough time, but Mommy Shower experiences are the perfect way to help moms feel cared for during pregnancy and long after the baby is born.

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