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We are delighted to announce we are working together with England Athletics and the Governing Bodies in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, in conjunction with British Athletics to help support the mental health of the athletics and running community. This exciting area of work, provides us with a unique opportunity to provide coaches, athletes and parents with applied and practical tools to help build positive mental health habits. As part of this work, each home nation will receive access to a wealth of content including online courses, training plans, downloadable resources and infographics. Across the junior and youth talent programmes both athletes and coaches will be able to utilise a number of online resources to help develop their psychological toolbox.

We believe with the right education, knowledge and support, not only can we help people to improve their performance within their own chosen arena, but we can also start supporting people to build positive mental health habits.

We will work closely with the home nations to create online content that takes individuals on a learning pathway for both sport psychology and mental health. This will focus on achieving three objectives which include engaging people with the resources, supporting people to feel confident in implementing what they have learnt and upskilling individuals in mental health knowledge.

With the current conditions and uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 we could not be more proud to be working together with England Athletics and all the home nations in collaboration with British Athletics as one unit to increase the proactivity and awareness around positive mental wellbeing and to work towards reducing the stigma attached to mental health. We are looking forward to strengthening ourworking relationship and helping more athletes, parents and coaches to stay mentally healthy in and out of sport.

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