Review Your Insurance Options at AARP Converge powered by Softheon

(BPT) – It is important to assess your current health insurance coverage and review new insurance options to ensure that you have the coverage that fits your individual needs. However, there are myriad options and fragmented information in many places, not to mention that plan offerings can change from year to year. For many older Americans and their families, it can lead to confusion and frustration.

However, there is a new resource for AARP members and the general public to help navigate the complex decision-making process for insurance options. AARP® Converge powered by Softheon enables individuals to learn about many options in one place without the hassle of checking multiple sites.

The site provides consumers with resources to help identify and choose plan options that best fit their individual needs by allowing the consumer to enter exactly what they are looking for, their age, their state and more. It features information on a variety of insurance products, including individual and family healthcare plans, Medicare-related options, dental and term life insurance.

“Exploring coverage options can be complicated and each individual and family has specific needs. The site is intended to be a resource to empower individuals with tools and educational content to help them find the options that may fit their life best,” said John Larew, AARP Services President and CEO.

AARP Converge powered by Softheon also helps visitors navigate these complicated decisions by connecting users directly with licensed insurance agents/producers to discuss their unique requirements. Features include a ‘click-to-chat’ function where you can chat online with a live agent, and a call-in option if you prefer to speak directly with an agent by phone. The platform also incorporates educational and informational resources to aid users as they review their options.

Considerations When Reviewing Insurance Options

Evaluate your own needs, but here are some factors to consider when reviewing your options to make the choices that fit your health, your lifestyle and your pocketbook.

  • Health – Reflect on your health needs and priorities, from the doctors you see regularly to your prescriptions and preferred pharmacy. You may also want to think about whether you are seeking options for yourself or if you are looking for options for family members as well.
  • Costs – Understand your financial situation so you can select options that fit your individual needs and your budget, and take account of costs like copays, coinsurance and deductibles, when choosing plans.
  • Coverage – Review your current coverage, from your employer, Medicare, Medicaid or through other provisions, and weigh options based on your unique needs and/or the needs of your family.

It is important to thoroughly review options and select what is right for you, but it does not have to be stressful. Learn more about your options at AARP Converge powered by Softheon:

Insurance products are sold and serviced by independent licensed insurance agencies, agents, or companies. AARP and its affiliates are not licensed agents/producers and do not sell or service insurance products. Softheon does not sell insurance.

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