Knee Pain Gone with Feel Good Knees Review 2021?


Is Feel Good Knees Legit in 2021?

The Feel Good Knees program for fast pain relief created by Todd Kuslikis might be the answer you’ve been looking for to help solve your knee and joint pain. It’s actually interesting how simple the practices and process is. In this short overview I will look at the ways that it can help to decrease knee pain as well as some different ways that you can strengthen your knees for the future.

Taking preventative measures to protect against future knee and joint pain has been an ongoing journey for many people – myself included. I blew out my ACL when I was 18 years old playing rugby and that really hasn’t been the same since. I have searched for many different types of remedies and exercises to mitigate continued damage and alleviate present pain with my knees and joints.

My review will look at some of the different approaches that Todd uses to improve your overall knee health. To start with, the creator of the program claims to be a veteran in the area of regenerative and preventive medicine. He claims that the human body is resilient enough to actually rebuild and repair most of the damage it stands over the course of a natural life.

3 Causes Of Knee And Joint Pain

By combining specific nutrients and not causing further injury to your knees by incorrect posture and exercises, in addition to following the program you should be on your road to recovery in no time! Todd has identified three direct causes for knee pain cartilage deterioration, poor posture or misalignment and cellular information.

If we take a quick look at cartilage deterioration, this is most common in adults when they reach their mid to later stages in life. Cartilage is the soft tissue that covers our knee and is found in the knee joint, this allows us to flex, move and bend. As the cartilage becomes less and less friction of the bones rubbing together causes pain and ultimately the damage increases to the point of being unbearable.

Misalignment or poor posture and refers to the fact that even a minor change in your posture whether it’s because you’re overcompensating for an injury or are wearing shoes that are too worn – can cause a lot more stress being put on your knee than what it’s used to. So the rule is that even a minor change in posture can have a major effect on one’s knees.

For most people living in the western world over the age of 45, inflammation and specifically cellular inflammation is a cause of many problems including knee and joint pain. We suggest that you read into anti-inflammatory therapies and foods as there are many natural ways to reduce inflammation in the body.

In combination of these three factors result in increased knee deterioration and pain. It’s a bit of a repetitive cycle and that the more pain that is experienced due to exercise and normal walking behavior impacts of radius things like one’s overall ability to exercise and ultimately weight gain.

QuickGuide to Feel Good Knees Program

The Feel Good Knees Program is a series of isometric movements and exercises created to improve knee strength and flexibility. By doing the exercises on a regular basis and in systematic way, you can mitigate the pain and start building a future for a knee and joint pain free life.

The program was influenced by Chinese traditional medicine as well as other eastern Asian practices that tend to focus more on holistic health as compared to their western medical counterparts focus on the symptoms.

How Does the Feel Good Knees Method And Program Work?

By setting aside just five minutes of your day and performing these simple movements you can work towards a life of being pain-free with regard to most joint and knee issues. Through exercises designed to increase and decrease the tension in the muscles surrounding the knee you can strengthen the joint and eventually even improve overall knee strength over a matter of a few weeks and a few months.

I found the exercises to be low impact and convenient as you can do them while sitting at home, on an airplane, at the beach and while you are out and about. It’s more about routine and really focusing on the specific combination of exercises every day rather than exerting yourself too much.

The thing I really liked about this program was that the exercise process and the combination of exercises and awareness of the different nutrients you need to start balancing in your diet make a difference. The process is gradual but it begins to snowball over time and you start seeing results after a few weeks.

Chart of Different types of knee pain according to researchers

Source: Sam Rajaratnam FRCS (Tr. & Ortho)

Feel Good Knees – Results, results, results?

These results are attainable as evidenced by the numerous reviews of people finding success with this program – rome was not built in a day and neither was your body! As the stress on the knee due to incorrect posture decreases, so does he wear and tear on the cartilage and subsequently the level of information decreases.

For most people, the reduction in pain is the most obvious indicator that the program is working however I might add that the program has substantial long-term effects that the overall knee health, in addition to joint strength and flexibility will improve. You might even forget that you took the program after a few months as your problem will be solved.

10 Key Benefits Of The Feel Good Knees Program

Just to recap, we’re looking for a holistic approach to regenerating and rebuilding your knees to their once-glorious youthful state. As with any professional program, results may vary but I think it’s fair to say that the variety of the exercises are multifunctional and have benefits beyond just reducing pain and strengthening your knees – e.g., weight loss or improving one’s flexibility.

1. Rejuvenate cartilage – traditional science tends to downplay the fact that you can regenerate your cartilage. Maybe this is because they would rather guide you towards a new replacement surgery or expensive meds. Whatever their motivation is I would be kind and say it was because of a lack of research and effort into looking into holistic approaches.

2. Increased joint mobility – as the knee begins to repair and regenerate you will have increased mobility and flexibility in the knee. A secondary effect would be given your newfound strength you would tend to be more active and given the knee is a foundational joint this would have an effect on other

3. Decrease inflammation and stimulate healing – when combining a healthy diet, read anti-inflammatory diet, with the exercises and strengthening regimen the inflammation decreases and the healing process is accelerated.

4. Improved physical strength and confidence – there’s no question that a healthy diet and a good workout session or light exercise can change your perspective on life and get you closer to your goals. The idea here is that if a painfully is holding you back from getting that exercise session in then by solving it you’re gonna feel a lot better both physically and mentally!

Some DIY Quick Fixes That Don’t Cost You Anything!

You don’t need to pay to take the program you can use these easy exercises to get started today as well as check out YouTube and Dr. Google.

Five Common Remedies For Injured Or Painful Knees

1. Take a break and rest – get some good movies and take a break from impactful activities for a few days!
2. Cold compress and ice
3. Hot compress and warm bath
4. Compress and light massage
5. Elevate – elevate the knee several times a day for a few minutes

Take it easy and always consult with your doctor if you’re going to commit to working out by yourself. Again, and the idea here is gradually increasing tension and focus during a work out to acheive a state of repair and rejuvenation.

What Are Some Old School Low Impact Exercises For Knee Pain?

1. Good old Leg Raises
2. 1970’s Hamstring Curls
3. Laynig down Leg Raises
4. Dryland training Wall Squats
5. 1990’s Calf Raises
6. Buns (Knees?) of Steel Step-Ups
7. Side Leg Raises
8. Leg Presses

Is It Feel Good Knees Worth The Investment?

If you’re Looking for the Feel Good Knees program to help solve your knee pain problems then yes. Sure you could probably cobble together your own workout and rejuvenation plan using YouTube and Google. The point here is that many people don’t really know what types of things they should be considering and if you’re not especially skilled at kinesiology or developing workout programs, you might find just plopping down the money is most efficient use of both your time and path to results.

This is a holistic approach and not a quick fix using supplements or relying on knee braces or expensive surgeries. Sure it will take a few weeks and possibly even 1 to 2 months to start feeling a little bit better but this is a long-term strategy and you owe it to yourself don’t you?

The reviews we have looked at for this article have been mostly positive and it sounds like if you’re willing to commit to the program you can expect results, slow to begin but they eventually build upon the march towards pain-free knees!

Click to download Feel Good Knees from it’s Official Website

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