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Today we are proud to announce the launch of our partnership with USA Field Hockey. For the last 8 years our mission has been focused around supporting the sport community with high quality performance psychology and mental health content.  Three key audiences which have been at the heart of our focus have been parents, coaches and athletes. We believe that with the right education and knowledge, not only can we help people to improve their performance within their own chosen arena, but we can also start supporting people to build positive mental health habits.

Partnering with USA Field Hockey provides us with an opportunity to reach more coaches, athletes and parents to help improve wellbeing, mental health and performance. Our partnership will include an exclusive offering to their members with access to online courses, infographics, training plans, videos and downloadable resources. As part of our partnership we will work closely together to provide each community with highly practical and applied resources which people can utilise within their everyday performance. For coaches we want to help them to not only learn techniques to support their athlete’s mental health but to also find ways to take care of their own wellbeing. For parents we want to provide them with the right tools to support their children to thrive within their sporting careers and the different transitions they go through. Finally for athletes we want to guide them to find ways to develop their psychological toolbox and to learn daily habits which can contribute to building resilience.

During these current times of uncertainty, we could not be more proud to have partnered with USA Field Hockey. We are looking forward to strengthening our partnership and helping more athletes, parents, coaches and umpires to stay mentally healthy in and out of sport.

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