5 telehealth tips for at-home health care

Posted: July 20, 2021 | Word Count: 289

Telehealth is enabling health care professionals to provide patient care remotely, safely and conveniently through technologies such as a computer, mobile phone or landline telephone more than ever before. This has reduced barriers to care for millions of people who live far away from specialists, have transportation or mobility issues, or are in rural communities or other underserved areas. Many patients and providers are turning to Telehealth.HHS.gov for a one-stop resource to learn about telehealth care offerings, best practices for visits and to find answers to common questions.

One frequent concern for patients is what steps they can take for a successful telehealth visit. Here are five important tips Telehealth.HHS.gov says every patient can benefit from:

  1. Set an appointment: Ask your doctor if they offer telehealth, or find telehealth care through your health insurance company, provider or community health center.
  2. Get your info ready: Treat a virtual visit like an in-person appointment. Have a list of current medications ready, as well as a list of questions or concerns to address with the provider.
  3. Pick a good location: Position yourself in front of the camera someplace that is well-lit, quiet and private to ensure you can speak openly with the provider.
  4. Position yourself for success: Connect to your appointment five minutes early and wear loose clothing in case you need to show the provider something on your body.
  5. Check before you connect: Make sure your device is charged or plugged in and that the internet connection via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable is strong. Don’t forget to enable your privacy settings for the telehealth platform to use your camera and/or microphone.

To find more resources and tips for using telehealth care, visit Telehealth.HHS.gov.

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