4 Reasons Why Adults Should Consider Incorporating Breast Milk into Their Diet

Colostrum is the first food breastfeeding mothers produce after giving birth. It serves as a comprehensive source of protective proteins, immune factors, prebiotics, growth factors and other essential nutrients, designed by nature to contain everything newborns need to thrive.

Research indicates nutrients in colostrum provides health boosting benefits to all ages. Yes, you should consider incorporating colostrum breast milk into your diet regularly. But maybe it’s not what you think. In early life, breastfeeding is the ideal food for the healthy development and growth of infants, but breast milk is not typically associated with adults’ diets because humans evolve their diets after infancy to incorporate nutrient-rich foods, eliminating the reliance on breast milk. However, research has shown that the nutrients in colostrum, the initial milk-like substance produced largely during the first three days after birth, can provide health-boosting benefits to all ages. Do we have your attention yet?

While it may be surprising to hear, colostrum from dairy cows contains many similar key immune factors and beneficial nutrients as human colostrum. Bovine (cow) colostrum is often called “nature’s superfood” or “liquid gold” for good reason. Human and bovine colostrum both contain similar components with important immune and GI benefits. Interestingly, cows produce far more colostrum than a newborn calf needs to or can consume, meaning the excess can be collected for other uses.

Bovine colostrum has been used as a human health supplement throughout history; thousands of modern clinical studies indicate bovine colostrum can support human health. And the good news is you don’t need to be a newborn to reap the benefits of nature’s “liquid gold.” Research suggests that this natural superfood supports immune health, gut health, athletic recovery and even your skin.

Immune Support

Multiple components found in colostrum facilitate immune health. Protective proteins found in colostrum help ward off potentially harmful invaders, the prebiotics and growth factors help support a healthy gut, where 70% of your immune system resides, and other factors help balance your body’s natural immune response.

This year, it’s more important than ever for people to stay healthy and strong. Taking colostrum ahead of cold and flu season will support a strong immune system.

Gut Health

One of the primary functions of colostrum is supporting gut health, a health challenge more people struggle with every day. The growth factors in colostrum help support the gut’s own natural repair process, gut lining integrity and barrier function and restore normal gut function. These factors have been shown in multiple studies to reduce leaky gut and symptoms of bloating. Prebiotics in bovine colostrum help support an environment where good bacteria can flourish, and immune factors help support a balanced immune response for sustaining good gut health.

Exercise Recovery

Colostrum has been shown to benefit athletes’ nutritional regimen, reducing leaky gut after strenuous or intense exercise like high intensity interval training (HIIT) and promotes recovery from athletic performance like soccer or basketball. Colostrum thus is expected to improve recovery from training and support increased muscle mass.


Numerous components in colostrum may also help support skin health and beauty. Studies have shown that its immune and growth factors may help support healthy skin cell development and regeneration. These factors can lead to a healthier, younger and smoother complexion.

How To Take Colostrum

The health-boosting benefits of colostrum are comprehensive as nature intended. Colostrum supplements are easy to take and come in many forms to fit every preference. Life’s First Naturals, a Boulder, Colorado-based company, offers products for both adults and children in capsules, powder and chewables. Life’s First Naturals is powered by ColostrumOne, a premier colostrum source ethically collected from Grade A dairies and traceable from farm to tablet.

Incorporating colostrum supplements into your routine is an easy, natural way to gain the many health benefits of nature’s comprehensive superfood.

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