4 ideas for a Celebration of Remembrance after COVID

If you lost a loved one during the pandemic, you were likely unable to hold the kind of memorial service you would have wanted to honor that special person. Funeral services are an essential part of the grieving process and help bring closure during some of life’s darkest moments. Thousands of families who suffered a loss during COVID-19 have opted to hold a memorial at a later date. This Celebration of Remembrance can be held at any time and at the place of your choosing. Here are four tips to help you plan the celebration that your loved one deserves, with every detail remembered.

1. Choose a date

The first step is to pencil in a date. While your loved one may already be laid to rest, perhaps there’s a special time approaching that might be perfect for a meaningful remembrance — for example, a birthday, anniversary or your loved one’s favorite time of year. Once you’ve decided on a date, time and location, communicate these details to friends and family so they can make plans to attend and celebrate your loved one.

2. Get help from a funeral planner

Funeral professionals are experts at helping you plan a celebration of life to remember the extraordinary life of a parent, grandparent, spouse or someone else important to you. They’ll ask detailed questions to understand your loved one’s hobbies, profession, cherished memories and how they would have liked to be honored. From there, you can build a theme that will incorporate and capture all the details of your loved one, paying tribute to the legacy they have left behind.

3. Plan a theme

Gather photos, prized possessions, video clips and more that will showcase the person you loved and what made their days special and unique. You can also include music, flowers or a special meal. What were their joys, their passions and their favorite traditions? Plan to weave all these details together to tell their life story. The upside to having a Celebration of Remembrance is that it can be held at any time, so you have time to plan something truly memorable and meaningful.

4. Share a meal

Food is the ultimate comfort, and coming together to share a meal encourages conversation and shared memories. Consider catering that reflects your loved one’s favorites. Was he a master at the grill? Serve barbecue. Did she love an evening out with friends over cocktails and appetizers? Order fun finger foods. Perhaps your loved one had a “famous” secret recipe, the kind friends and family always asked for. Print the recipe on cards and make it available as a memento for guests to take with them after attending the Celebration of Remembrance.

No matter what your loved one’s final farewell might look like, don’t put off scheduling some kind of event or memorial. Coming together for a Celebration of Remembrance provides an opportunity to truly celebrate the life of your loved one in the way you would have wanted. Think about your loved one’s final wishes. Perhaps you had conversations about it. Even if you’re not sure how they would have envisioned their final sendoff, think about what their perfect day would look like, and start planning a Celebration of Remembrance that would make them proud.

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