Yoga Burn Review 2021

Yoga Burn Results – 2021 Review (No BS)

There’s no question that if you looking to get rid of belly fat, lose weight and tone your body that this is the right program for you. Yoga burn will help you increase your metabolism and develop toned muscles well at the same time help you eliminate those unwanted pounds.

Yoga burn is a yoga fitness training program designed for women of all ages. The approach is fascinating and the exercises/positions can be done at home and really were anywhere you can set up a yoga mat and have some space to exercise. Below is my comprehensive review and thoughts overall thoughts on the program.

A little bit about me. I have been practicing yoga for the last 20 years. My path to yoga began when I was a university student and I was looking for a system that I coould practice at home, tone my muscles and get rid of belly fat. I wasn’t very keen on joining group classes or taking formal yoga classes as I thought as long as I can learn the moves I could just practice by myself!

I currently practice about three times a week and find it to be very complementary to my busy lifestyle. My friends are sick of me saying that yoga is similar to getting an internal massage – ie massaging your organs in addition to your muscles. There is no question I’m a new person after my yoga sessions compared to before I started the session!

Is Yoga Burn the Right System For You?

The course design and pace is reasonable and can be practiced for just a few minutes or for a full session when you have the time. The thing I like about the program is it’s relatively cost effective at about $37 if you buy it online versus the retail price of about $67.

They also have a moneyback guarantee of 60 days so basically you can try it for about eight weeks and if you’re not happy you can get your money back, pretty good deal if you ask me!

The system was created by world-renowned yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and female transformation coach Zoe Bray-Cotton. She has a pretty big following of over 1 million women around the planet. You can check out some of her social posts as they can be quite inspirational as well as the link to her Yoga Burn results program below.

There are some additional add-ons like using the sculpting bands which can be purchased on Amazon for a few dollars depending on the type of resistance you’re looking for. You might also want to incorporate light weights into your work out as well as this can help you ‘push it’ to the next level.

Yoga Burn 3 Phases to Victory

The program is downloadable and therefore is always available whether you’re on the road or in your room, basement or in the backyard. You can follow on your phone, iPad or laptop or even smart TV. This makes it very convenient if you’re visiting friends or family and want to get a quick session in before a meal or social event.

Yoga burn uses a three phase approach and ‘dynamic sequencing’ (more about that below) to losing weight does this in a natural sequential way that is designed for the female body. The strategic design of the program really impressed me in terms of how it progressively works different parts of the body and leaves you feeling with a sense of overall health, confidence and that you’re making progress as you progress throughout the 3 phases.

Rather than a complete forty five minute training class, each video recording is 15 mins which you redo this 3 times. This isn’t a huge disadvantage – it’s actually recommended especially for people in their early 30’s to mid 50s and older. Although the postures perhaps will not be that challenging for advanced yoga experts, we recommend that advanced practitioners use the bands as well as light weights to get a bit more of a workout in and challenge themselves.

Phase I

  • The Fundamental Circulation Phase
    • This helps you to lay some solid foundation for your yoga practice and minimize or mitigate the chances of hurting yourself. This is done by creating strength in your stabilizing muscles and getting used to some of the poses that you will be regularly d In parallel, it will get your metabolism ready for what’s to come in the following exercises and phases.

Phase II

  • The Transition Circulation Phase
    • After completing the first phase you have the challenge of combining different moves and transitioning to a fat burning stage. The overall objective of the stage is to increase your strength, flexibility and capacity for doing more advanced exercises.

Phase III

  • The Mastery Flow Phase
    • If you’ve made it this far then you are to be rewarded as this is where the rubber hits the road. Using your newfound tolerance for harder exercises, adaptability and stabilizing muscles you begin to enter a phase of metabolic burn and and can also experience muscle toning at the same time! Even as an experienced practitioner I found the interesting combinations of postures and their respective cadences to be quite a challenge!

If you check out reviews by advanced practitioners and ‘so-called’ yoga experts it’s pretty interesting to see that they typically go into their review of Yoga Burn as one would go into a child’s race, thinking it was below them and wouldn’t be much of a challenge!

It’s interesting to see that actually after having completed the course as well as incorporating bands and weights that they have a different opinion of the course altogether – an opinion of praise and respect! So I was actually both pleased and amazed to discover that Zoe’s yoga program possesses some unique challenges, approaches and truly one-of-a-kind ideas.

So gals, if you wish an effective option to the fitness center that you can easily accomplish from the convenience of your home or hotel room, the Yoga Burn system can be the alternative.

5 Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga

  • Improved flexibility and muscle tone and strength
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Improved metabolism, circulatory health and cardio
  • Balanced and stabilized emotions
  • Improved sleep and attention during waking states


Is Yoga Burn Legit? How it Works

On balance, I find the Yoga Burn claim of results to be valid. The 12 week program there’s is doubt designed for women looking to lose weight, increase their metabolism and also has the added benefit of muscle toning and improving flexibility. It’s also fair to say that there is a side serving of discipline and concentration that accompanies the program for those who see it through and practice it regularly.

If you already have an existing workout program or even doing some light walking you might find this to be a nice complement to your existing program. I think the program can encourage you to have a healthy diet and positive mindset as when the physical body is in a ‘positive energetic’ state that can have a big impact on your mental stability and eating habits.

It likewise has some ‘fun’ sequences that are actually enjoyable to finish. Inevitably, if you adhere to the plan as well as integrate it with a healthy diet, you’re most likely to view true improvements to your body. Just how much varies depending upon the individual, just what level of effort you invest as well as your diet, right?

What is Yoga Burn Dynamic Sequencing?

Dynamic sequencing is actually when you use a certain approach of exercising and your body reacts to it in a positive way which typically includes weight loss and in proved metabolism not to mention the aforementioned benefits of muscle toning, etc. Over the 12 week program you will toggle between the three phases using nine different workout clips/videos.

As professional trainers and yoga and yoga enthusiasts alike, we are always concerned about the plateau effect. This is when the body gets used to a certain sequence or type of exercise or even weight load and adapts to it.

When this happens it’s hard to become more flexible or increase your muscle mass or even lose weight. You can do some research on this and it’s really interesting to see how resilient the body is in terms of adapting.

In this case and especially if you’re trying to lose weight and get muscle tone, the plateau effect is your enemy! I found that the dynamic sequencing and three phase approach does a good job of trying to combat this and kudos for the unique design of moves Yoga Burn!

Conclusion: To Buy or Not to Buy Yoga Burn?

So long article short, if you’ve made it this far you’re probably interested in getting started in some type of program. Apologies if my review has been long winded but I tried my best to provide you with a straightforward review of a program that although it is designed for beginners can actually be customized and ultilized by women of all levels – by using bands and weights for practitioners of all levels.

Before pulling the trigger on this program you might consider your intention and commitment. If you’re able to put a few hours a week aside for three months to meet your goals and you’re probably a good candidate for this program.

If not, why not just watch some videos on YouTube or subscribe to various health channels and design your own program? Listed below are five easy beginner yoga poses to get started on your journey.

5 Simple Yoga Moves that have Amazing Health Benefits

  • Squat Yoga Pose – Lower Back Strengthening
  • Cow Cat Pose – Posture correction
  • Downward Dog – Rejuvenate the entire body.
  • Child’s Pose – Stretch out your lower back
  • Wall Pose with legs on the wall – decreases the instances of insominia



Well thanks for reading my review and don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel that has an in-depth video on this review with some cool motivational clips I can be used as a nice visualization and hopefully push you over the line with respect to getting started with Yoga Burn today!

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